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Open Source, Git, Communities, Volunteering, Leadership

Come and Join The Fun

Track 1 : Open Source, GIT, Communities & Volunteering   10:00  AM :- Registration and a brief introduction about SDS 10:30 AM:- Go Open Source 11:30 AM:- Get GIT 12:30 AM:- Lunch ( We will not be providing lunch. There are many good restaurants nearby. We can move out together for lunch. 02:00 PM :-…
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We’re Here For You

The Inaugural Meetup of SDS Key Agenda : Inauguration of SDS 1: Nikhil Kartha :- Why is Student Developers Society being formed 2: Venkat :- Importance of a developer community for students 3: Jesvin :- SQL injection and Cross Site Scripting and How to avoid them. Followed by networking.